Don’t Know How To Setup Your New Computer In An Efficient Way?

Computer Setup And Installation And Repair

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Much excited as you buy a new desktop? If yes then, setting it up properly is also important so that you can get the most genuine and authentic experience from your new device. Don’t get tensed if you don’t know how to set up or install a new device or get any kind of issues while performing the issues. If you ever need any kind of assistance and help from the experienced and genuine technicians then you need to reach out to the egeekonline helpdesk. The technician’s available at the helpdesk make your setup process easier and glitch-free with their impressive assistance and step by step guidance.

Important Steps To Setup New Computer More Conveniently!

Step 1 – First Of All Unpack Your Computer Components 

Based on the Product Company and model unpack all the components including monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU tower, UPS, printer or speakers (in special cases). We understand that all computer systems didn’t come with printers and speakers so if you purchased them then unpack them too. 

Step 2 – Place All Computer Components At The Desired Place

In this step, users need to place all the components and part of the computer at the desired place. But please make sure that CPU has enough space for the hassle-free flow of air through fans. Most of the CPU units has the fans on topside or both sides as well. 

Step 3 – Connect The Computer To The CPU Unit 

After that users need to connect the monitor to the CPU unit. Plug the monitor into one of the monitor ports using an HDMI cable and one side of the cable on the CPU unit. After that plug them into the power sources. Most of the latest monitors come with the HDMI or VGA cable sockets and some older versions come up with DVI cables so select the wires as per the ports.

Step 4 – Plug Other Devices And Peripherals 

Now you need to plug in all the devices and additional accessories including, keyboard, mouse, printer or speakers. Most of the keyboard and mouse comes with a USB cable or PS/2 connectors. These connectors have the same colours as the mouse or keyboard sockets. 

Step 5 – Connect All Device To A Power Source Using Ac Outlet

Now you need to connect your devices to a stable power source using UPS. UPS help you in resolving the power surge issues. 

Step 6 – Switch On Computer

After that users need to switch on the computer by pressing the power button on UPS and Computer. If you already select your operating systems then follow simple steps as shown on the desktops screens and click on every step as per your requirements and fulfil the first time setup process by creating a user name and other things. 

Now you can use most of the features of your computer as you have successfully completed the process of setting up the computer. If you get any issues on any of the setup processes you can reach to our egeekonline helpdesk for instant assistance. If your computer didn’t come up with the window or software programmes you need to install the computer as well. 

Important Steps To Install The Required Programs On New Computer 

Step 1 – Connect Your Computer To Network

It is essential to connect the computer to a stable network connection to download, update or install any kind of programme. Users can connect the computer to the desired network by wireless feature or by using Ethernet cable. 

Step 2 – Install Required Window Updates 

To get a more secured and stable performance from the computer it is essential to update all the programs to the latest versions. Make sure that your computer is connected to a stable network connection or power source as your computer needs to restart several times while installing the essential updates.

Step 3 – Install Essential Software’s And Programmes 

When your computer is connected to a network you need to install some important programs as well to get the best user experience. Some of them are listed below: vs Geek Squad Tech Support

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