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Nothing compares our pricing structure vis-à-vis the services that we provide all along the needs of your home as well as businesses. Whether we mend it by arriving at your doorstep, ease your tech woes on call, chat or email, we make it sure that our services are right-sized to fit your pocket with a reasonable level of comfort. While we are unparalleled in terms of the service and assistance that we offer, we are also incomparable with our cost-per-service with individual and bulk specifications. Whether it is with computer setup, software installation or repair for your electrical/electronic appliances, or other tech help issues, our pricing structure has plenty to offer.

Why We Have The Best Pricing At

Reigning supreme for a long time within the overall technical assistance industry, we have far surpassed our competitors in servicing our clients with their products. Added to this our practical and appropriate Pricing system for every service provided with remote assistance or at-your-doorstep help leaves no room to complain at all. All in all, we are the tried and understood least-costing service that our customers have availed for their products to remain alive and kicking.

Our certified, skilled and experienced technicians, with their finest pricing strategies, deliver prompt and comprehensive results for the services you may require from them. Indeed, our pricing posted on involves no additional or hidden charges that only serves to unsettle customer confidence to the extreme with surprises. Pricing Plans Encompass Full Range of Products

Our services cover an entire array of top-class operations to serve our customers with product repair and other services that is comprehensive in frame and outlook. Accompanying this seemingly unending list of services, we give the best rate forward for any needs your of short-term and long-term usable appliances at your home or office.

Below-mentioned is a list of products and services that we attend, mend and repair for your express needs of convenience:

  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Music Equipment
  • Video Games
  • TV & Home Theatre
  • Cell Phones
  • Total Tech Support on Protection Plans
  • Product Replacement Plan
  • Home/Office appliances
  • Car Electronics
  • Portable Audio
  • Wearable Technology
  • Loss and protection is available for cell phones.

Buy any means, the above-mentioned list of products is by no means exhaustive and you can go on adding almost endless of list of gadgets and devices that you use for your convenience. Help with your gadgets has many dimensions from set up to post warranty care, and specialize in each with a masterly efficiency along with the best pricing plans you can find anywhere. Visit our for the best of details.

Book your appointment for repair, installation, troubleshooting, or device pickup. Pricing Plans – Real Money-savers

Our best-equipped pricing ranges between $25.00 for one-time fix to a one-year subscription plan of $200. We are aware that each user can have multiple devices and equipment that they need to be worked upon. For example, for computer services, if your business, along with your home, doesn’t have any IT assistance earmarked for help with any malfunction, our technicians are give you all help with computer setup and repair, software installation, and other network related issues.

When you need help with computer services, we strongly recommend starting your search with our website. Our expert technicians will take a look at your computer for as low as $5. Other pricing system involves easy components that are as follows:

Price Plans

  • One Time Fix:      $25
  • 6 Month Unlimited: $125
  • 1 Year Subscribe : $200
  • On Site Visit    : $100

Monthly Plans

  • Initial Setup Fee
  • Monthly Cost Per User
  • Hourly On-Site Fee                 

Service Wise Charges Applied For:

  • OS Installation                                    
  • Printer Setup                                       
  • Server Administration                         
  • Server Diagnostics and Repair
  • Diagnostic and Repair                         
  • PC/Tablet Setup                                              
  • PC Tune-Up                                        
  • Virus/Spyware Removal                     
  • Firewall Support                                             
  • VPN Support  

Standard Vs. Advanced Pricing Plans

The primary point of difference between the Standard Plan and Advanced Plan is that the latter encompasses on-site assistance. Visit our site to know the way services vary with the two types of plans. The Advanced on-site service is fit for such problems that can’t be addressed remotely on the call or chat services by our technicians. In any case, all plans that we offer have exclusive availability for round-the-clock phone assistance as well as 24/7 online help. Additionally, it provides setup of computers and servers, adding network devices, VPN support, firewall support, computer tune-ups, software or OS installation, data backups as well as diagnostics and repair.

Our pricing plans can be readily availed throughout the life span of your products. Get in touch with our scheduling specialists for priority scheduling, emergency scheduling, or simply going by the system of time and place appointment. Get in touch with our specialists for the best-suited pricing plans according to your needs.

Pricing – vs Geek Squad Tech Support

Our is ready and equipped to assist with all your IT needs at home or for your business. Basically, whatever the professionals from Geek Squad can do, we can do. Difference is, usually you’ll be up and running faster and pay less for our services.

There is simply no doubting that our provides services you just can’t think of availing from the Geek Squad Tech support professionals. Now, we can imagine you thinking on what all charges you need to pay for this amazing service that we provide? For the best answer to this question, here we provide you the complete  pricing on any service you require from It is worth a note that the price we quote is the essentially the price you pay. Here we take a look at few of the basics.

  • Diagnostics and Repair

We compare the rates of online diagnostics and repair. The Geek Squad tech support team, for this service, will charge you $149.99. Also, when they claim to solve your issues with your devices in 45 minutes, that simply means you’re in fact paying $199.99 per hour on an average for their services.

Indeed, when you come to our portal for availing diagnostics and repair services the relief is obvious. Like, when you call technicians for remote/online support, we charge only $80 per hour.

  • Business IT services

You might find it difficult to believe with the charges you might incur with Geek Squad for your business IT services. Their standard business assistance plan charges $24.99 per month per user. When you calculate with the number of computer users you have in your office, that’s going to consume your monetary resources a lot. For example, if you are in need of server administration, a monthly charge of $49.99 per user is going to make it tough for you. Think about those times when, with Geek Squad, your IT budget will shoot up when you’re ready for a new equipment installation as well as upgrade.

  • Virus Removal

Talking about removal of viruses, malware and spyware? At Geek Squad you’ll have to pay the same charges, i.e., $149.99 per service.

For virus removal services also, our comes in at an inexpensive $80 per hour. This malware services with us also includes all software required to make your computer complete for the point of view of protected.

In addition, we’ll come to your home or business premises to take care of whatever troubleshooting or installation you need for a mere $100/hour. Yes, we charge you the lease for a house visit than you’ll pay to speak to any support individual on the call at Best Buy. A simple troubleshooting phone to the Geek Squad is going to charge you $39.99.