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Printer Setup And Installation And Repair

Printers are one of those computer-supported electronic devices which can be easily configured and setup by following some of the easy steps. Users can easily set an install the important printer’s drivers and utilities by simply connecting the printer to the desktop and a stable power supply. It is important to set up and install the printer in a reliable manner so that it cannot create any mess when you gave a command to print. To get the best printing experience users need to install and update all required drivers as well. Don’t get tensed if you lost the drivers disc and don’t know how to install them from the website then you can reach out the anytime. 

Some Important Steps To Setup Printers Easily!

Step 1 – Connect Printer To The Desktop 

First of all, users need to connect printer to the desktops and there are various ways to connect the printer with the desktop but it is suggested by experts that users need to use the SCSI cable, USB cable or parallel cable and connect the printer to the power source. If you are using any wireless or network printer always use the RJ-45 connection method to eliminate the unwanted technical glitches.

Step 2 – Switch On The Printer 

Now users need to switch on the printer by pressing the power button. In most of the printer power button is present on the main head for easy accessibility. Unpack all the wrapping carefully as well. 

Step 3 – Set Up Your Printer Properly

In this step, the user needs to start the setup process to get the best printing experience. They need to install all required and suitable software programmes and printer drivers. Some of the steps are listed below which needs to be followed accurately by the users:

  • First of all switch on the desktop and printer.
  • After that insert the driver’s CD that comes up with the printers to avoid any type of glitches. After that head to my computer and double click on the Drive option, after that click on setup or install file. If you don’t have any CD or downloaded the required drivers then download them from your downloaded folders. 
  • Extract the downloaded file and install the software.
  • Now follow all the instruction shown on the desktop.
  • In the end, give a command to test page to make sure if it’s set up properly or not.

Important Steps To Install The Printer In A Reliable Manner

When the printer is not installed properly users need to face the lots of technical issues which can affect the printing experience as well as a work process. If you wanted to install your printer without getting any technical issues then you need to follow the below-listed steps:

  • First of all, start the installation process by opening the control panel of the connected printer.
  • In the control panel, users need to double click on the printers of fax option.
  • After that in the printer, window selects the option to add a printer.
  • After completing the above-listed steps. Search for the window printer wizard option and click on the Next option to start the printing wizard.
  • Now users get the choice to install a local or network printer. If you are able to connect your printer to your desktop directly then select local printer attached to the desktop option and click on next.
  • Now you get the notification to choose the printer driver location, browse your desktop directory or choose the printer CD. And after that install the drivers and run a printer test.

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