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Our Support Assistance Website helps people organize their TVs. If you have just bought a Television set and you are looking for assistance with its setup, we are the best help available. Years of work in the field has helped us build our goodwill. Our services are unmatched. We believe in efficient and timely service. Our team works on every issue relating to TV Setup and repair. Our work over the years has helped us attain expertise in varied TV models and brands.

TV Setup And Installation And Repair – What Our Website Assists You With

  • TV Speakers And Sound System Installation
    We will help you with the installation of your TV Speakers and any other sound system it has. Our work does not stop just at installation. We also walk through the whole process of how the sound system works. You would not even have to check your instructions manual. Every detail is explained with precision.

  • Video Components
    Our website, provides complete technical assistance with installation of video components.

  • Gaming Peripherals
    We will provide absolute assistance while setting up gaming peripherals with your TV. The components with be fixed and every feature of the TV and other peripherals will be elaborated with great clarity, so as to make you aware of how the whole system works.

  • Other Essential Components
    Items like 3D Glasses, Remote control etc., will also be fixed. We do make certain that our clients are aware of how these peripherals work.

  • Configuring with Wireless Network
    Our Support Assistance Website also helps with configuring your smart TV with wireless network connections. We take charge of setting up the whole system and also make sure that we deliver on time.

We also help you with repairing your TVs. Gadgets are susceptible to glitches. And replacing them every time is not the solution. Most of the times, mere over-hauling can help. Therefore, we do insist upon servicing your TV every once in a while. Following are some recurring snags, that you can get rid of, with our help.

  • The Screen Has Lines Or Is Cracked
    The issue of TV screens showing lines is often due to a defective panel. Our Support Assistance Website will help you replace the panel. The spare parts we provide you with, are of quality materials.

  • Picture Is Cutting In And Out Or Is Pixelating
    If the picture is not clear, it is most probably due to a faulty signal. The apt thing to do here is to make sure there is no obstruction in the signal.

  • Echo
    If you are using a separate sound system such as surround sound system or a sound bar, you might hear echo. This happens because the sound is playing through both mediums, that is, the TV speaker and the sound bar or surround sound system. To stop the echo, you simply have to turn off one of the sound systems.

  • Black Screen Or No Picture At All
    The possible underlying causes for this error are – issue with satellite or cable receiver; wrong input; loose cable connection.
    These problems are all easy to figure out and equally easy to check. Most of the times, it is the loose cable that results in black screen or no picture. In case, there is any issue with the satellite or cable connection, check for disturbances. If that does not help, contact your service provider.

  • No Sound
    No sound from the TV could be due to a faulty connection between the system and the speakers. will assist you with the issue. A thorough cleaning up of the speakers and the TV might also work in some case.

  • Picture Cropped Or stretched
    Wrong picture size setting leads to picture size problems. The problem is easy to fix. Go to the settings, and select picture size, that suits your TV the best. vs Geek Squad Tech Support


When you visit to get any tips, tricks and suggestions for your TV Setup and Installation and repair, you get the finest in-home and at-work services for your issues that can be availed anywhere. Our competent technicians, working across a broad range, help you with setting up your system, repair and correct your technology problems as well as deliver the most smooth upgradation services  you can think of.

In fact, our is ready and equipped to assist with all your IT needs at home or for your business for TV Setup and Installation and repair. Basically, whatever the professionals from Geek Squad can do, we can do. Difference is, usually you’ll be up and running faster and pay less for our services. Here’s a comparison of some of our most common services:

IT Services

The Geek Squad Tech Support takes care of quite a bit when it comes to TV Setup and Installation and repair for you. They’ll also set up your new desktop or laptop, install new software, set up your printer and even handle data transfer for you.

However, for the most part, they’ll only perform when you bring your device to their store. For example, in limited cases, Geek Squad technicians will simply speak about your issue over the phone, guiding you through software installation. But when you require your new device set up, or for memory enhancement services for your laptop, you’ll have to carry all your desktop or heavier equipment like desktop computer into its Best Buy stores.

Now, when you approach, they can easily handle everything that Geek Squad tech support can do and much more. Here is a glimpse of what we can do better for you:

  • Setting up your home/work with your TV the way you want it
  • Installing and mounting for your TV
  • Training you on the features of your new TV
  • Setting up your TV with programs and features
  • Transferring your apps on your Smart TV
  • Setting up other devices with your TV
  • Transferring all program features to your new TV from the Net

And the best part of our is that we come to you quick and prompt, at your home or office, on your scheduled appointment.


The Geek Squad Tech support are quite known for doing a good job with upgrades and repairs for your devices and machines. However, for a good job with repair and upgrades, you need to bring in your computer and equipment right into its Best Buy stores for the best services. In case, if you have opted for paying for their premium-priced total support plan for business, the Geek Squad professionals will only reach you if it’s absolutely required.

In contrast, whether it’s corrupted software on your laptop or any cracked screen on your TV set, our technicians are readily available to assist. Indeed, we take care to repair all your devices of utility and convenience such as laptops, tablets, phones, desktops, etc. For your network, we’ll quickly diagnose the issues that are troubling it for your devices. Our professionals will replace and repair any erroneous hard drive, and for your problems with your internet connection, we’ll diagnose and fix it with full specifications.

We are also experts in adding new network cards, graphics cards, memory as well as operating system so your TV remains running with full features. All of this assistance at our is done at our site or at your premises, whichever you like.